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Designer for Boats & Yachts Team

As Aivan is continuing to develop its Boats & Yachts team, Navia, we are looking for an experienced designer with good engineering knowledge in boat production to join our Helsinki-based studio.

This new hire will be part of a team in charge of the overall design of leisure crafts from pre-concept up to follow-up of construction, making sure that the concept and the visual design of the resulting product is feasible from technical and manufacturing perspectives.

We expect a minimum of 3-5 years either from a yard’s in-house design team, or another design studio with a track creating designs that have manufacturability, not purely focusing on the aesthetics. We value agility and adaptability and are looking for designers with a curious mindset that are open to learning and adopting new ways of working.


Main duties & Responsibilities

  • Designing boats/yachts together with a Naval Architect Team from early sketch to production launch
  • Solving problems commonly found in boat design with a talented team of different skill sets
  • Creating 2D & 3D drawings of concept and production files & assemblies (FRP molds / milling files)
  • Creating project documentation and presentations
  • Designing and outsourcing custom parts for boat projects
  • Creating general arrangements (layouts) together with Design Team
  • Selecting and placing of standard components and main equipment together with Naval Architect Team
  • Creating easily understandable visualizations using hand sketching or 3D renders

Skills & Qualifications

Intermediate to senior skills in the boat/yacht design (or other field of transportation design)

  • Well-developed understanding of construction and production of composite boats
  • Basic understanding & knowledge of mechanical engineering and moving components usually found in boats
  • Capability to create quick concepts and production files using 3d modelling software (SolidWorks/Siemens NX/Rhino)(3dsmax/Blender)
  • Capability to find solutions independently to challenges the custom boat projects usually offers
  • Satisfactory skills to use project documentation, presentation, and management tools (MS Office Word/Excel, Apple Keynote, Google sheets, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign)
  • Open-minded and eager to learn new skills
  • Good spoken and written English


Appreciated additional knowledge

  • Experience and capability of taking lead role in a boat design project
  • Project and client management skills
  • A-class automotive surfacing skills
  • Transportation design ergonomics
  • Rendering skills

We encourage you to send your application for a review even if you don´t meet all the criteria. Our talented team is ready to teach.

About Aivan

Aivan is a leading Finnish design and innovation agency. We help launch, grow, and evolve progressive businesses. We do that by integrating brand, design and communications.


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