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Aivan is a group of creative professionals with diverse experience, knowledge, and interests.

Do you think you could contribute to our progress-driven creative design studio? Check our open positions, follow the instructions and apply.

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Open positions

  1. Open Application for the Product Design Team

    Permanent position
  2. Technical Artist

    Permanent position
  3. Unreal Engine Generalist

    Permanent position
  4. Open Application for the Graphic Design Team

    Permanent position
  5. Open Application for the Boats and Yachts Team

    Permanent position
For each project, we assemble a team that best suits the needs of the client and the task at hand. This allows us to utilise our teams’ unique skillset to create meaningful concepts and compelling experiences.

Bold visions & hands-on attitude

We are constantly looking for people who share the same values and goals. Aivan is a unique group of individuals with a curious mindset who have joined together to learn from each other and co-create with our clients.

At Aivan, we understand that progress and ambitious results never come easy. To push the boundaries further, we cannot limit our thinking or put our expertise in tight frames. Still, the willingness to work hard is awarded the most valuable thing – a deep satisfaction that we can help others and make change for the better.

Mad skills &
hard work

To deliver exceptional projects, you need curiosity, skills, empathy, and teamwork. We choose to collaborate closely with the client to fully understand the brand and its context.

Besides totally unique projects, the diversity of the team and low hierarchy makes it pleasant to work here at Aivan.”
Mirka Uski

Be free
from dogma

Our purpose is to help companies, brands and people to transform so that change makes sense. To deeply understand what we are doing, we need to be able to change perspectives and have empathy to see multiple sides behind everything. Eventually, delivering quality is what matters and what we take pride in.

Join our ping-pong team!

We are well-known for our table tennis skills. The team practises all year round at our stylish facilities, under the extreme supervision of our CEO. The team's abilities are tested yearly at the famous table tennis tournament held at Finnish Design Museum. Oh, we actually won once.