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We work with the client from initial concepts to finished products and services.

We help launch, grow, and evolve progressive businesses through design. We do that by integrating brand, design and communications. The multidisciplinary team of designers, engineers and business developers ensure original ideas, powerful customer experiences and clarity in brand touchpoints. We’ve worked across industries and serve companies from startups and local businesses to large enterprises.

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  1. Insight & Strategy
  2. Design & Experience
  3. Technology & Engineering
  4. Prototyping & Manufacturing
  5. Storytelling & Activation

Insight & Strategy

Lead your business toward a long-term vision by exploring relevant future scenarios, identifying opportunities, creating roadmaps and defining the essential core of your business. We help companies imagine and feel the possibilities of their business strategy by creating clarity and an acceptable vision for all stakeholders. We aim to find ideal ways to transform your organisation’s offerings into reality.

  1. Research & analysis
  2. Brand strategy & purpose
  3. Portfolio & roadmap strategy
  4. Opportunity mapping
  5. Brand communication
  6. Marketing strategy
  7. Brand & product DNA
  8. Brand concept & platform

Case studies

Design & Experience

Evolution or revolution? Design gives body to strategy, so people can see, feel and touch it. We craft identities and customer touchpoints – from digital services and products to packages and spaces. For us, designing enduring relevance is the sustainable core of our work. With a unique mix of approaches, we help touch people's hearts and create a long-term business value.

  1. Concept design
  2. Product design
  3. CMF design
  4. UX & UI design
  5. Identity design
  6. Graphic design
  7. Package design
  8. Retail design
  9. Interior design

Case studies

We are often asked what we actually do and whom we can serve. The answer is that there are really no limits to what we can do. The client's size doesn't matter either as we can adapt our way of working to different processes. If there is a genuine will to create significance, we can help and have solid proof to back it up.”
Minka Koukkunen, CEO

Technology & Engineering

We merge engineering, full-stack development and the latest technology with thoughtful design. We aim to keep iterative development processes effective and realistic. Problem-solving requires the ability to navigate all types of limitations. Our honed skills help us aim for truly out-of-the-box solutions.

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Naval architecture
  3. 3D visualisation
  4. Game engine development
  5. Interaction design
  6. Mixed reality development
  7. Simulation
  8. Software design
  9. Virtual reality development

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Prototyping & Manufacturing

You can detect potential design problems at an early stage by building mock-ups and prototypes. Our in-house tools and methods ensure that your design process achieves its targeted results. By giving ideas a physical form, decision-makers can provide relevant and insightful feedback. Our process is both agile and collaborative, enabling proof of concept validation and finding ideal partners for manufacturing.

  1. Virtual prototype
  2. Prototyping
  3. Hard modelling
  4. Pre-engineering
  5. Pre-assembly
  6. Sourcing support
  7. Manufacturing support

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Storytelling & Activation

We love to play a part in a brand's journey by weaving stories that inspire and activate. We celebrate authenticity and view brand-building as a communication process with both an internal and external dimension. Our goal is to create captivating narratives and coherence across all platforms – from naming projects and photoshooting to entire marketing campaigns and internal brand tools.

  1. Art direction
  2. Naming
  3. Illustration
  4. Photography & film
  5. Copywriting
  6. Content creation
  7. Marketing campaign
  8. Brand & design guidelines

Case studies

The whole process – everything we do – has only one target and purpose. We want to be able to deliver things that solve the actual problem and work in real life. Bold strategies or well-formed creative concepts don't have any value unless they can be experienced in the form of something concrete.”
Jarkko Jämsén and Aleksi Kuokka in conversation

Scalability &
productivity matters

Industrial design is our foundation. It means putting both the customer and your company’s perspectives on the same table and creating solutions that benefit all stakeholders, usually on a larger scale. Serial production of products, services, brands or spaces has a logic of its own and can make seemingly irrelevant and minor matters significant. We excel at helping businesses scale for growth.

Our clients

  1. Brabus

  2. Fiskars

  3. Aktia Bank

  4. Axopar Boats

  5. Harvia

  6. Huawei

  7. Iittala

  8. Kone

  9. Martela

  10. Ponsse

  11. SOK

  12. Lumene

  13. Manna & Co

  14. VR

  15. OP

  16. UPM

  17. Arabia

  18. Agora Networks

  19. Grafia

  20. Hartwall

  21. Collection Kakkonen

  22. Nautor’s Swan

  23. FIS Global

  24. Reima

  25. JCDecaux

  26. Kesko

  27. Made by Choice

  28. Starship Technologies

  29. Stora Enso

  30. L-Tec Sport

  31. Pohjola Terveys

  32. Ramirent

  33. Sinituote

  34. Tori

  35. Waterford

  36. XO Boats

  37. Clear Channel

  38. Lumi

  39. Finlayson

  40. Samuji

  41. Vieser

  42. Nolla Company

  43. WeeGee Exhibition Center

  44. Woodnotes