Silent & elegant – Introducing Q30

Together with Janne Kjellman and other members of the Q yacht team, we designed an E-boat in which the style and technology go hand in hand, redefining the future of electric boating. We aimed to create a solution that offers the boater a holistic and harmonious user experience. The Q30 uses the latest technology, including a sustainable propulsion system. Combined with the hydrodynamically optimised hull, the boat is highly energy efficient. The hull’s shape helps the boat glide smoothly in the water, creating an enjoyable driving experience.

The 9.3-meter-long day-cruiser is a perfect boat for day trips, and at a speed of six knots, you can drive freely for 10 hours (60 nautical miles). The boat offers a maximum speed of 14 knots.

Case Information


Q Yachts


  1. Concept design
  2. Product design
  3. CMF design
  4. UX & UI design
  5. Interior design
  6. Mechanical engineering
  7. Naval architecture
  8. 3D visualisation
  9. Prototyping
  10. Manufacturing support

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Hopeahuippu (Silver Summit) – Vuoden Huiput


Lauri Rotko

The magical hull

We designed a hydrodynamically optimised hull that produces minimal noise, wake and zero emissions. The Q30 hull has a vinyl ester and unidirectional glass fibre skin with foam core above and below the waterline. It is laminated using a resin infusion process.

Pure joy
on water

Silence and usability are at the heart of the Q Yachts ideology. The silent driving experience lets you sense the surrounding landscape and chat with fellow passengers in a normal voice. When combined with effortless usage, the distinctive boating experience is here.

Q30 was designed around the electric propulsion system. Minimun resistance hull shape gave the boat extremy efficient and pure characteristics.”
Jarkko Jämsén, Antti Mäkelä and Mats Lönngren in conversation


  1. Q Yachts offers the smoothest and most silent motor-boat experience on the market

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