The world’s first wireless multi-channel speaker

The Unmonday Model 4.3 is the world’s first wireless multi-channel speaker. The user interface is embedded, literally, in the design itself. Simply rotate the hexagonal porcelain enclosure to choose one of five audio channels. Go from single channel mono (one speaker) to multi-room or surround sound (up to five speaker units).

Unmonday is not only beautiful outside, but also built to last inside: the software can be updated easily with an app, and the hardware is replaceable if needed, as it fastens with a simple snap-lock. Vitro porcelain gives the speaker body a sleek look and complete transparency for strong wi-fi connectivity.

We were responsible of doing and delivering everything there is: idea, concept, product, engineering, tech, brand, identity, package, prototyping, sourcing, marketing, communication, co-funding and beyond. The project was also about learning, as we did pretty much everything for the first time. Start-up entrepreneurship taught us to see the world from our client’s point of view.

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  1. Research & analysis
  2. Brand strategy & purpose
  3. Brand communication
  4. Marketing strategy
  5. Brand & product DNA
  6. Brand concept & platform
  7. Concept design
  8. Product design
  9. CMF design
  10. UX & UI design
  11. Digital design
  12. Identity design
  13. Graphic design
  14. Package design
  15. Mechanical engineering
  16. 3D visualisation
  17. Software design
  18. Prototyping
  19. Hard modelling
  20. Pre-engineering
  21. Pre-assembly
  22. Sourcing support
  23. Manufacturing support
  24. Art direction
  25. Naming
  26. Verbal identity
  27. Illustration
  28. Photography & film
  29. Copywriting
  30. Content creation
  31. Marketing campaign

Awards & Recognitions

  1. Nomination at Cannes Lions product design category
  2. Kultahuippu (Gold summit) – Vuoden Huiput
  3. Hopeahuippu (Silver Summit) – Vuoden Huiput

Tech genius

Mikko Köykkä

Hand-made ceramic body

We chose Vitro porcelain to give the body a premium and pleasant feel. As an organic material, ceramics communicate durability and longevity. The ceramic cabinet is also insensitive to vibrations, conducts heat well, and effectively protects the electronics from external interference.

And the speakers will know what to do when you put them down.”
Fast Company

The uncompromising story

It all started with sound. No product available offered a solid sound system with wireless portable speakers. We wanted to create something genuinely wireless and flexible, but also something that did not compromise on sound quality or design sensibility.

We set out to create our own solution. Our goal in designing Unmonday 4.3 was to remove all the pain of setting up, running wires or pairing wireless equipment. The system streams audio over wi-fi into one to five speakers, allowing mono, stereo, multi-room, or surround sound.

Unmonday 4.3 is designed to evolve and adapt to changes in technology. It can be updated simply by replacing the hardware and downloading software updates without renewing the durable porcelain housing or the driver.

The result: a revolutionary new shape in wireless audio, one that, for the first time, allows you to shape your sound.

For us this was a significant project. We were able to create a world-class product from idea to Apple Store with our tiny in-house team and a very limited budget.”
Antti Mäkelä, Designer


  1. The world's first wireless multichannel speaker
  2. Works with Apple Airplay, previously capable only of supporting mono speakers
  3. Featured in the leading tech medias globally

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