A Nordic bakery with a French twist

Gateau is a French-inspired artisan bakery founded in Stockholm in 1937, offering bread, cakes and pastries of the highest quality. Gateau’s signature products combine old French baking traditions with a Nordic taste palette and modern food trends. Bakeries are located in Stockholm, Malmö and Helsinki, while stores have a wider reach.

We helped Gateau renew its brand and identity, including visual assets, communication, packaging and stores. As a result, Gateau is now moodier, more approachable and more authentic. The French baking traditions, locality and unique taste palette created by Gateau artisans are the core of the updated brand.




  1. Research & analysis
  2. Brand communication
  3. Brand & product DNA
  4. Brand concept & platform
  5. Concept design
  6. Identity design
  7. Graphic design
  8. Package design
  9. Retail design
  10. 3D visualisation
  11. Virtual prototype
  12. Manufacturing support
  13. Art direction
  14. Verbal identity
  15. Illustration
  16. Copywriting
  17. Brand & design guidelines

Food photography

Laura Riihelä


A touch of joy! We introduced the brand casual way of mixing languages to celebrate both the French origin and locality. Boulangerie artisanale. Pâtisserie gourmande. Café bon-vivant!

Gateau Artisanale

Gateau sans serif font family is a new adaptation from the modernist era sans serif with softened details in inner curves. Its form nicely supports the feel of the iconic Gateau symbol and has the quality and finesse suitable for Gateau's traditional savoir-faire in the bakery. Both fonts are custom drawn for Gateau by Helsinki Type studio under our strict supervision.

Gateau Artisanale gets inspiration from classic French-style serif fonts like Garamond and Caslon. The softened feel adds a personal touch to an otherwise typical style. Perhaps even a delicious touch, as it reminds us of baking a dough.

This was an evolutionary project. Keeping the good recipe, but using it to create completely new flavours.”
Aleksi Kuokka, Designer

Hand-made illustrations

Hand-crafted illustrations add emotional layers to storytelling. Illustrations communicate the brand heritage and Gateau's connection with the prestigious Poilâne bakery in Paris. Flowers inside the store are replaced by rich floral elements. The style is a simple brush outline, vivid and full of nuances.

Are you interested?

Aleksi Kuokka

Head of Brand & Spaces, Partner

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