Beauty born of arctic light

Lumene is the most loved cosmetic brand in Finland, branching out towards the Nordics. The company was founded in 1948 by the pharmaceutical company Orion. The majority of Lumene’s products are developed and manufactured in Finland. Lumene is a pioneer in circular beauty.

After carefully exploring the core of the Lumene brand, we realized there was more to communicate. So, we set an ultimate goal for ourselves: Let’s aim for a new kind of Lumene Concept Store that would truly bring the distinctiveness of the brand and its stories to life!

The design solution grew from a close collaboration with Lumene. To meet our targets, we incorporated authentic, durable, and natural materials sourced from various regions of Finland. The solution was built around the four elements that are vital to the Lumene customer experience.

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  1. Concept design
  2. Experience design
  3. CMF design
  4. Retail design
  5. 3D visualisation
  6. Virtual prototype
  7. Sourcing support
  8. Manufacturing support

Arctic light.
Pure water.
Natural Nordic ingredients.

Every detail has been meticulously considered from both the customer's and the business's perspective.”
Designers Aleksi Kuokka and Mirka Uski in conversation

Made from local and sustainable materials

The goal was to incorporate authentic, durable, and natural materials sourced from various regions of Finland. Our intention was to employ these materials in innovative ways that showcased their inherent beauty and full potential.

The back wall of the store is made from powder-colored bricks from Ylivieska, Finland. These bricks are crafted using recycled white porcelain.

The name of the brand is inspired by Lake Lummenne in Kuhmoinen, Central Finland.

Gifts of brief Nordic summer

The Lumene Concept Store is located in the Non-Schengen area of Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Filled with inviting light, warmth, and beauty, the store serves as a lighthouse for people navigating through a tough world and as a safe haven within a bustling airport.

Aivan was the perfect partner for us to create a concept store that allows international travelers to really experience Lumene in a new light.”
Martti Ala-Jääski, Global Director In-Store Experience

The soft headboard

The store's facade is crafted in Sastamala, close to Tampere. Constructed from hemp, it boasts a negative carbon footprint, absorbing more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases.

The new Lumene Concept Store truly embodies Lumene's essence while reinventing us entirely.”
Camilla Paulsson, Global Head of Travel Retail

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