Happy Mondays since 1945

Martela is a family business founded in 1945, designing and manufacturing user-driven workplaces and learning environments that support unique ways to use such spaces. The essence of Martela is to bring joy to work.

We’ve partnered with Martela to renew their brand identity and customer experience at multiple touchpoints. The new Martela is self-confident, easy-to-approach and bold – as a market leader should be. We delivered everything from strategic brand development and concept design to copy, logo design and brand guidelines.

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  1. Brand communication
  2. Brand & product DNA
  3. Brand concept & platform
  4. Concept design
  5. CMF design
  6. UX & UI design
  7. Digital design
  8. Identity design
  9. Graphic design
  10. Interior design
  11. Art direction
  12. Verbal identity
  13. Illustration
  14. Photography & film
  15. Copywriting
  16. Content creation
  17. Marketing campaign
  18. Brand & design guidelines



Martela needed a human-driven tagline that emphasises the aspirational core of the brand – rather than its products, services or physical spaces.”
Aleksi Kuokka, Designer

Martela Story

Founded in 1945, we are a family company specialising in developing human-centred working and learning environments. We offer solutions for modern working needs – mobile work and activity-based offices.

We believe in bringing joy to work by creating inspiring spaces that enable people to thrive in what they do. Over the years, our company has evolved from a furniture manufacturer to a workplace development partner.

Today we help our customers by offering products and services throughout the entire workplace lifecycle, from need specification to the continuous optimisation of the workplace.

We aim to provide the best service in the business and high-quality interiors that remain fresh well.

Custom typo

The bespoke typography is a key asset in the renewed visual identity. It crystalises the Martela design DNA – combing a pure and simple Nordic style with a humane and warm presence and boldly shaped details. Individual letters also feature a dynamic and edgy twist.

Personality of the brand

A core element of the new and distinctive Martela visual language is imagery. The company's vision of a better and more inspiring workplace is realized through revitalised visuals. We helped to clarify the contemporary Martela style and directed photoshoots. We also created joyful illustrations for different touchpoints.


Martela now has tools to convey emotions, trigger curiosity and spark imagination. The brand project has changed how people see and experience Martela.”
Aleksi Kuokka, Designer

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Head of Brand & Spaces,

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