A resource-saving collection from leftovers and circular materials

Last Seasons is an ever-evolving furniture collection focusing on responsible use of material. The core mission of Last Seasons is to breathe new life and purpose into beautiful materials, like wood, ceramics, and natural stones, that would otherwise go to waste.

The furniture of the collection is an innovative combination of surplus materials from the production of ABL-Laatat and Protos Demos in the design language of Aivan. The design of the collection’s objects and furniture revolves around maximizing material utilization. Each piece is crafted one at a time, respecting the characteristics of the materials.

The journey began in 2023 when ABL-Laatat moved towards more responsible practices. Their pursuit of innovative ways to utilize unused materials from their production processes led to our collaboration. Our collaborative efforts then gave birth to the idea of creating a circular material collection. Later, Protos Demos joined the initiative, allowing us to produce the harmonious fusion of stone, ceramics, and wood.

Last Seasons kicked off a resource-conscious approach to materials in design and construction.

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Meet the meat wagon
(suitable for booze as well)
Our vision is to create a timeless collection that honors craftsmanship and highlights the intrinsic beauty of natural materials.”
Maria Silvast, Co-owner of ABL-Laatat

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