Brand concept for real food

Herkku is a well-known brand for premium groceries in Finland. It used to be an essential part of Stockmann department store services until Finnish FMCG giant S-group bought it. To fill the new strategic and financial targets, the concept and brand needed an update.

We began the project and collaboration by asking a series of critical questions: What is the future of premium groceries? How is ‘premium’ defined today? Why is it relevant? For whom is it? What should the premium be, and how should it be sold? What kind of premium concept could S-group excel, and what customer experience should the Herkku brand offer? What would make S-group’s Herkku inspiring and meaningful for a larger audience? And the end, how can we manage and change people’s conceptions of values-based and price-sensitive business?

We think the answer is real and authentic food. It’s food that doesn’t come from a factory. It’s beautiful and tasty produce from the farmer nearby, hand-baked bread and pastries, sustainably caught fish and well-prepared ready-to-eat solutions. Real food looks fresh, smells natural and tastes delicious. Most importantly, real and honest food that does good for you and our communities should be available for everybody on every occasion. This is what the re-named concept, Food Market Herkku promises.

We based our solution on this vision and formed the identity, communication and touchpoints such as in-store communication, packaging and signage to give a body for the new strategy and insight.




  1. Brand strategy & purpose
  2. Brand communication
  3. Brand & product DNA
  4. Brand concept & platform
  5. Digital design
  6. Identity design
  7. Graphic design
  8. Package design
  9. Retail design
  10. Signage & wayfinding
  11. Manufacturing support
  12. Art direction
  13. Naming
  14. Verbal identity
  15. Illustration
  16. Photography & film
  17. Copywriting
  18. Content creation
  19. Brand & design guidelines

Interior architecture


We, consumers, are looking for solutions that feel natural and have health benefits, offer adventurous and authentic experiences, build trust with social responsibility, transparency and locality, and fit to urban lifestyle by being convenient and sophisticated. We are often ready to open our wallets if the concept, brand or food matches our needs and values. But at the same time, we are not ready to pay extra unless these meaningful things are really there. This is the definition of new premium food."  
Aleksi Kuokka, Lead designer
We were looking for a solution to build the brand around the variations at the market hall where you find all the good stuff from local producers. So instead of building an identity with typical fixed elements, we wanted to create a brand that lives in the slight variations relying on strong style and attitude.”
Aleksi Kuokka and Aki Suvanto in conversation

Organic identity built on heritage and insight

The Food Market Herkku identity is created by using atypical elements and methods. The logo has multiple forms, typography is based on several fonts, there's an extensive amount of colours and hues, photos are not used much, and the design system is open for countless variations. Also, the store environment is more layered, relaxed, vivid and authentic, having contrasts, textures and volume. The leading idea is to bring the grocery store and its identity back to its roots, focusing on real food. We feel that is all any inspiring grocery store should be about.

Food Market Herkku manifesto

We are taking a step forward from traditional luxury thinking, welcoming everyone to get inspired with us on weekdays and weekends. We promise passionate and humane encounters, experiences, and authentic food, from fresh ingredients to ready-made portions. Prices that feel right. We do everything we can to control food waste. We think all this is essential and relevant - a new luxury even - and we promise to work for it daily.

Food Market Herkku is a grocery store where you want to shop every day of the week.

It's all about being real

Organic identity is reminiscent of authentic, organic food - because it is not from a factory, it comes in many sizes and shapes, but you may still recognise it as a particular type of food.”
Aki Suvanto and Aleksi Kuokka in conversation

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Aleksi Kuokka

Head of Brand & Spaces, Partner

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