Makia from the rocky roads of Rööperi

A Helsinki-born streetwear brand, Makia is a chameleon, thriving on constant change and cultural relevance season after season. The stores failed to capture the essence of the brand and required rethinking.

What, then, would Makia’s physical experience be? It had to be exceptionally sustainable and responsible. We achieved this by using reused shelves and other fixture, recycled materials, and giving it a durable, simple form that would last for years. It also had to remain true to the brand’s origin, which was solved by bringing Helsinki, sea, and the urban roughness of Nordic life present in-store. Lastly, the clothing needed to look simply stunning. Check.


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  1. Concept design
  2. Experience design
  3. Retail design
  4. Signage & wayfinding
  5. Virtual prototype
  6. Manufacturing support
We have stood long enough in cold rain, to favour simple and functional design that focuses on materials respecting the harsh Northern climate. Makia was born in the harbour of Helsinki out of these principles – to stand the test of time and to accompany you for years to come. Through the rough seas.
Makia Manifesto

Also old has value

Makia Archive Store is a concept designed to address a common dilemma for clothing brands: unsold inventory. It showcases nearly forgotten clothing in a fresh spotlight, thus giving these previously unsold pieces a new life. Anything less wouldn't be responsible.

Makia is in the details

Small things are big things. End-caps used on clothing racks not only serve a functional purpose but also incorporate stories and symbols of the brand.

The iconic Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, currently undergoing renovation, sees the marble from its facade reincarnated as a component in the clay-based natural concrete used for the serving desk.


  1. Effective retail concept capturing the brand's essence
  2. Repurposed use of materials and shopfitting 

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Aleksi Kuokka

Head of Brand & Spaces,

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