Kaj Franck Design Prize 2019


The team of six partners at the design agency Aivan has been selected as the recipient of the Kaj Franck Design Prize 2019, granted by Design Forum Finland: Jarkko Jämsén, Minka Koukkunen, Aleksi Kuokka, Antti Mäkelä, Aki Suvanto, and Saku Sysiö. The Kaj Franck Design Prize is one of the most significant design prizes in Finland, and it will be granted for the 28th time this year.

Jury praises Aivan

The Kaj Franck Design Prize jury was impressed with the team’s comprehensive approach to design. The agency has succeeded in convincing the highest management of companies that change is necessary, while building several comprehensive brands that have achieved international success. Jury especially praised the agency for its uniform and high-quality design work and unique design DNA.  The internal design management of the agency was also seen as being efficient and logical, with the agency’s good reputation carrying it onwards and towards growth.

“As design takes over new fields and areas, it is wonderful to see that well-implemented comprehensive design, including industrial design which had already been pronounced half-dead, is alive and kicking,” the award jury said.

Kaj Franck award

The Kaj Franck Design Prize brings forth the central spirit and principles of designer Kaj Franck’s (1911–1989) oeuvre: high-quality, democratic and functional design that solves practical challenges and opens up new opportunities for companies excelling in design. A particular merit is if the rewarded designer brings beauty and joy to everyday life and enhances the quality of life.


The members of the Kaj Franck Design Prize jury of 2019 were CEO Petteri Kolinen / Design Forum Finland, Advocate Pentti Kivinen / Finnish Fair Foundation, CEO Ia Adlercreutz / Co-founders, Vice President, Professor Anna Valtonen / Aalto University, and designer Heikki Orvola