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ABB Marine & Ports is at the forefront of driving the evolution of sustainable shipping. The company’s solutions connect engineering know-how and software to optimize vessel operations.

ABB Dynafin™ is a brand-new propulsion system engineered to revolutionize efficiency and maneuverability in the marine industry. We played a pivotal role in ABB’s launch of this groundbreaking innovation by strategically designing and defining the big picture, leading all the way to the production of comprehensive visual assets and the conceptualization of the launch campaign

Together with trusted partners, we successfully launched the new propulsion concept to a global audience, generating an unprecedented level of interest and buzz within the industry. Internally at ABB, the project reinforced the sense of unity and pride stemming from a successful process and team spirit in presenting this new wave of efficiency to the world.

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ABB Marine & Port


  1. Brand communication
  2. Concept design
  3. Experience design
  4. Graphic design
  5. 3D visualisation
  6. Motion & animation
  7. Art direction
  8. Naming
  9. Photography & film
  10. Copywriting
  11. Content creation
  12. Marketing campaign

Production partners


Perfected by the interplay of evolution, technology and progress

Nomen est omen

We supported and facilitated the naming process for the new product. From a wide spectrum of suggestions we – closely together with the dedicated team at ABB Marine & Ports – worked our way towards the final name, ABB Dynafin™, which is inspired by the dynamic motion of a whale’s tail and perfectly fits to the client’s product portfolio.

Inspired by over 50 million years of experience, the movement of a whale’s tail offered the underlying main theme for communicating the entire concept.”
Jussi Laaksonen, Brand strategist

Efficiency, operational comfort and reliability

To communicate the unique features and value that ABB Dynafin™ provides, we created powerful inspirational visuals, product visualizations, and key messages. Launching the campaign in different phases, from teasers that generated anticipation to the actual highlight and post-launch activities, produced extraordinary results.

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