The fleet of the world’s fastest growing boat company

Axopar provides the ultimate boating experience on the water in three size categories; 22, 28 and 37 foot boats, with an exciting future range to be revealed soon. All with cutting edge looks that are exhilarating to drive, fuel efficient, multifunctional and offer undeniable value for money.

Axopar, with its distinctive and instantly recognisable looks and unparalleled versatility, is the perfect partner for all adventures at sea. It provides responsive, thrilling and sporty handling that will safely take you anywhere in supreme comfort and style. Featuring intuitive solutions, enhanced driving dynamics, flexible accommodation together with a whole new space experience.

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Axopar Boats

Crafting a compelling adventure

With its elongated hull lines and sharp, angular features, Axopar not only looks like nothing seen before, it also changed the way people perceived boating culture almost overnight.

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