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In 1891, Karl Fazer established a French-Russian confectionery on Kluuvikatu, which quickly became a favored meeting place for city residents due to its high-quality delicacies and charming ambiance. Today, the café seamlessly blends contemporary trends with Fazer’s 120-year-old traditions.

Our task was to modernize and elevate the original Fazer Café into the flagship store for the Fazer brand. We helped re-think the store operations to increase efficiency in daily processes also.

This journey, which began in 2016, unfolded in phases, all to enhance the customer experience. First, we refreshed the store’s appearance, followed by a renovation of the café counter area. In the most recent phase, the focus was on highlighting different functions. The open chocolate studio relocated to a central location with glass walls and high seating. The buffet found its place in the well-known dome room. And the entrance area transformed into a dedicated store section that communicates the essence of the Fazer brand and proudly showcases Karl Fazer’s renowned products.

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  1. Concept design
  2. Experience design
  3. Graphic design
  4. Package design
  5. Retail design
  6. Interior design
  7. Signage & wayfinding
  8. 3D visualisation
  9. Virtual prototype
  10. Manufacturing support
  11. Illustration
  12. Content creation


Aleksi Kuokka, Aivan

Layers of stories

Notably, Karl Fazer's son-in-law, the artist Hjalmar Hagelstam's cherished painting on the café side, remains untouched and continues to serve as Kluuvikatu's distinctive trademark. To further provide a glimpse into Fazer's history, a touch screen has been placed in a restored section of an old glass vitrine, allowing visitors to delve into the café's past.

Preserving heritage

We paid a lot of attention to preserving the café's historical charm. The original marble floor was restored, as were the paint surfaces of the dome room, using traditional methods. Old chrome table legs were refurbished with new marble tops, and reclaimed marble material found new life as bar tabletops. Even the original chrome shelving system, although no longer suitable for the café's needs, was carefully documented, disassembled, and preserved.

Now, the store is functioning as it should for the first time!”
A long time employee

Elevating tradition

The original design DNA of Fazer Café Kluuvikatu finds renewed emphasis through a harmonious blend of old and new elements. Art Deco influence integrates thoughtfully into various new aspects, such as floor patterns, metal perforations, shelf stoppers, and bespoke furniture designs. All carefully selected new materials work seamlessly with the existing elements, while the chosen colors matches the palette of the era. Also, the introduction of new brass details effortlessly complements the pre-existing brass decorations.

Even the incorporated technology blends in with the historical surroundings. A chandelier specifically designed for the site, modernizes and enhances the spot lighting in the dome room. The marble room dividers have custom-made table lamps that create a harmonious fusion of old and new. Furthermore, new store fixtures — strategically placed in front of the protected mirror wall — offer versatility and many opportunities to showcase the Fazer brand. All the made improvements were carefully planned and approved by the Finnish Heritage Agency.

The best feedback for a historical renovation such as this is when people wonder what has changed, even when the entire space has transformed. It is the highest praise for a designer, signifying the approval of done changes.”
Anna Ojajärvi, Interior Designer
The transformations solidifies Fazer Café Kluuvikatu as the go-to destination within the Fazer world, offering a modern and inviting experience that honors its storied history.


  1. A new flagship, honoring the brand's rich history
  2. Improved customer flow and experience
  3. Better operational performance
  4. More customer seats added for increased capacity
  5. Increased solutions for storytelling

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